Welcome to the website of the Peterborough Vegetarian and Vegan Group, UK

We are very happy to have this site up and running! With your help, we want to fill it with lots of useful information about Peterborough and the surrounding area that will help local and non local non meat eaters alike.

We really need as much information, advice and pictures  as possible from you all about vegetarian living in Peterborough so that we can make this site more interesting, more useful and more colourful!

So please, get in touch! :)



It's rather nice when the sun come out in Peterborough and actually stays out for more than an hour a day! 

With the spring usually comes spring cleaning, and throwing out old things, forming new habits and guiltily munching on the remains of the left over Easter Eggs in the cupboard (like any of us actually have any left over!)

With this positive change making in mind, we'd like to help you to make a change by eating healthily! 



Now that we have a website to  help all you local Vegetarians and Vegans to shop, eat and socialise etc, we now want you to help us share the love! 

We want to zoom in on vegan friendly restaurants, cafes and shops and ask them some of the important questions that you all want to ask them yourselves!

But in order to do this best, we want your help to choose the right places to ask! 

Drop us an email via the contact page to let us know what you think and we'll do our best to answer you!