This group is for local vegetarian and vegans and other like minded people to get together on a regular basis to chat and share some food recipes, advice and ideas.

Back in May 2012 We celebrated National vegetarian week by having our first ever get together at The Old Still in Peterborough town centre. Much fun (and Sushi) was had and so we couldn't wait to organise another meet up! Over 3 years down the line and we're steadily seeing new faces and sharing lots of new recipes and ideas etc! Its all very exciting.

A little about our meetings

We love when as many people as possible come along and bring some of their favourite vegi/vegan foods to share with the group. 

As well as a wealth of information leaflets and flyers available, there are usually a
 number of cookery books for anyone to look through for ideas and recipes. These have all been kindly donated by members of the group. If you would like to donate any cook books then please get in touch as we are always looking for more.

Currently we are only a social group, but we hope in the future to begin running film showings, or information sessions. please get in contact if you are interested in helping with this! 

Friends and family are very welcome and if anyone has small children then please feel free to bring them along too! The more the merrier for the group.


This group and all our meetings are open to anyone who may not yet be vegetarian or vegan but is interested in learning more and/or would like some advice and recipe ideas etc however please be considerate; no one will appreciate or tolerate small mindedness or trouble making - We are here to have fun!

Oh Yes. Just one last thing.... WE LIKE CAKE!