Paul Benton from Peterborough gives us some useful information about which products you might like to try to help you cut out dairy from your daily diet. January 2014

When I first became vegetarian dairy alternatives were few and far between – watery soya milk was generally all that was on offer – these days things are much, much better.

 I have in the past tried (with much success) to make my own soya milk, Have a look in the recipes section for how I do this - it is very simple. 
Of course, it’s pretty easy to buy soya milk cartons too. You can get these from all suer markets and there are many differnet types.

 Quick note here for you coffee drinkers:  Soya Milk tends to curdle in coffee – coconut milk, rice milk or hemp milk is better!

In fact, hemp milk and coconut (Koko – not the basic stuff you get for curry) tastes better to me, lasts longer and works better in tea and coffee.

Rice milk is OK, but it’s very watery, so I’m not a big fan. It tastes watery too. Almond milk is also pretty tasteless – but goes well in tea or coffee. 

Some people can’t, or do not want to consume soya, so these alternatives are great news.


Dairy-free “cheese” is also very easy to come by these days. Cheezly and Scheese are easily found in health food shops and do the job fairly well.
Personally, I think Scheese has a slightly better taste – but again it’s down to personal choice.

Tofutti “Mozzarella Style” comes grated and is perfect for pizza and to top pasta.  It melts, and tastes great.

My favourite fake cheese by a long shot, however, is Vegusto ( which, sadly, is only available through mail-order in Peterborough.
It’s soya-free too. In fact, their mince, sausages, burgers etc are all vegan and all plant-based and soya-free.  It is expensive, but their blue, herby and aromatic ranges are all very nice. They have bight, a nice texture and the No Moo Melty does exactly what it says on the tin and melts perfectly for pizza and pasta. It also has a very creamy taste.

There are dairy alternatives for everything you can think of. There plenty of egg-replacers out there too.  Blended soft tofu can be used as a substiture for example, as  can bananas for baking in may recipes.  It's never been easier to go vegan, and I would definately reccomend have a look around to  see what kinds of products are available!