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April 2013

From Falafel to Flapjack, we had a relative feast this month. 

It was great to see so many new faces as well as few loyal regulars also.   We thank the Peterborough Environmental City Trust again for the use of the office rooms and for providing cups of tea too; sorry to hear that our own Kim of PECT was ill but glad to meet Christine instead :)

For anyone wishing for the Recipe for the Beautiful Lemon cake we tried this month, please check out

from Cherry at 

The Lemon Custard  icing however can be found on our recipe page under DESSERTS .... or by clicking the picture on the left

So Here's a couple of things that we chatted about...

Leicester's Vegetarian Scene: There was much praise for a number of places in Leicester for being friendly to vegetarians (and anyone looking for Retro and Vintage fashion apparently also!) so if you have a day free and want a day out, it seems that Leicster is the place to be.

Anyone that is interested in finding out a little more about the Leicester Vegetarian Scene then click the picture to check out their website

GREENS Restaurant: Sometimes fate seems to play a hand in events that join us up with the most interesting of people at the most interesting of times. This seemed to be the case this week when bumping into people on the street appeared to be becoming far more effective at spreading the word about the Peterborough Vegetarian than actually flyering... one such bump in the street resulted in us sharing our dishes with the owner of a very new vegetarian restaurant in Staffordshire! 

Serving only non big brand products and fresh home cooked food, it all sounds very intriguing.... and as soon as we have some information about this restaurant we will be sure to post it up - our gentleman (who is a vegetarian of 30 years by the way) has assured us that he will be letting us know!

Antibiotics in Meat, Chemicals in Food and Voting with your Feet  -  One of the important parts about being a vegetarian for many people is having the opportunity to source good quality food. This is a subject that has recently been under much scrutiny from the media. A number of issues regarding the meat industry and the use of antibiotics and other chemicals were raised this month due to the recent Horse Meat scandal that is rocking the media at present.  

The Vegetarian Society launched a new campaign in response to the scandal

             100% FREE OF HORSE MEAT!

Here's a few interesting articles on similar subjects too...

One idea that was discussed this month is the concept of VOTING WITH YOUR FEET by selecting good quality foods and products (including well bred local meats if you're not a vegetarian or vegan) 
For so long we have seen adverts on television and newspapers showing which supermarckets have outdone the others in terms of overall price and number cheaper of products etc and it's only now that people are starting to wonder why exactly is it that shops are able to offer foods so cheaply.  This BBC news article covers some good points including the length of the supplier process, the benefits of locally sourced products and consumer confidence in supermarket meat:

Please also find below a report by Consumers International funded by the EU addressing the Relationship between Supermarkets and their Suppliers