...and the Food for Thought is...  

Tofu is made from mostly soybeans, and water. Nice and simple.. 

It is high in protein and calcium and as such often forms an important staple for a vegetarian or vegan diet.  It is a very versatile food,  known for its ability to absorb new flavors through spices and marinades. Due to its chameleon-like qualities and nutritional value, tofu has been used  as part of Asian cuisines for hundreds of years, has recently become popular in Western vegetarian cooking.

In fact it has almost become synonymous with vegetarianism itself which means lots of jokes at it's expense, but we don't really mind as when cooked right Tofu can be delicious.

Tofu comes in a couple of different forms and can be used for both savory and sweet dishes. It makes a good meat substitute, but also a great ingredient in vegan cheesecakes and cupcake icing!

It is sold in all Thai, Chinese or Japanese restaurants in Peterborough if you want to try it.  But if you fancy truing it for yourself then you can buy Tofu either already marinated or as a block similar to fresh mozzarella.  It will usually be in the fridge section of the supermarket, but you will also often find a cartoned silken version in the Asian Cuisine section.  

Here are some recipes you could try with tofu...

What do you cook with Tofu? If you have any recipes to share please let us know!