...and the Food for Thought is...                                                                                                             LENTILS

As one of mother natures SUPER FOODS, Lentils are altogether underestimated and underrated by too many! 

Lentils are low in fat and rich in both Iron and Protein; the two things that vegetarians apparently don't get enough of :p 
 - in fact they have the third highest percentage of protein of any legume, falling just short of Soya Beans and Hemp.

They also contain lots of goodies like Fibre, Vitamin B, B2, Phosthorus, Magnesium, Folate and lots of lovely minerals

Lentils are praised by many for their ability to suppress appetite, and their versitility; lentils are easy to add to many meals, bringing with them lots of extra goodness to your plate whilst being inexpensive and easily available from supermarkets.  They're pulses so you'll find them near things like peas and beans.  So for all you Apocalyptic Food Hoarders... forget the penne! get to the Pulses isle in the supermarket before everyone else cottons on to how super these little things are too...

There are a few different kind of lentils; take a look next time you're food shopping.  
They all have a slightly different taste and texture, but you'll find that they all have a beautifully Rich and earthy taste which compliments many types of food.

Cooking with lentils is very easy - lentil are absorbent so you must boil them with water or stock in order for them to cook properly.

Here are some recipes you could try with lentils...

Do you cook with Lentils? If you have any recipes to share please let us know!