News Outdates

November is coming to an end and December is looming with all the brightly coloured lights, foods and Novelty Jumpers that the Holiday season usually brings.  

This month, we attempted to  hold an information stand for
November's World Vegan Mont  however mother nature deemed that Peterborough just wasn't quite ready for all
our vegetarian recipe cards and useful information leaflets about hosting a vegetarian Christmas and decided to send a gale to knock over any gazebos and blow any flyers away. 

Unfortunately we had also made rather a lot of vegan cupcakes... Sorry you all had to miss out! We will be rescheduling soon possibly when the weather is better.... Keep watching this space and we'll let you know.

It appears to be winter.... we noticed as it has suddenly got very cold and dark.

So we have decided to move our food share gatherings to somewhere more cosy. Or at least somewhere larger. 

The Peterborough Vegan and Vegetarian Group will now be gathering in the COMMUNITY ROOM in ASDA Peterborough from 7.00pm - 9.30pm every second Tuesday of the month all the way through the winter.

Come and join us and bring a lovely vegan dish to share :)

And Merry Christmas or Something....

Autumn is here! 

That means rain... leaves on the train track... and some amazingly comforting vegetarian recipes to try out! 

It also means that November is nearly upon us... and November is WORLD VEGAN MONTH.

Look out for the sneaky ideas we have to celebrate on our facebook page since we're still working them out! 

Autumn also usually means that the weather and the evening sunlight will be deteriorating rapidly, so we have decided to  change venues again back to the PECT Offices in town until the new year for our Monthly Food shares on the Second Tuesday of every month.

The times will be changing slightly also to accomodate this change, we will now be gathering an hour earlier, from 6pm - 8.30pm. 

Take a look at our contact page for info on how to get to the offices!  

Oh. it also means pumpkins! Happy Autumn

It's official... Spring has sprung and the weather is finally getting warmer! 

For all those of you with veg gardens this is definitely good news - and for those of us without green fingers it's a nice opportunity to make friends with someone who has! 

This year has really flown by already - Easter has come and gone (along with all the overpriced egg shaped chocolate which I'm sure many of you with children will be finding hidden around the place for a few months yet!) and Summer is definitely on it's way in!

So. We'll be talking about Festival food and BBQs!  

We'll be running ideas around on Facebook and at the upcoming May Gathering and Food Share so please let us know if you have any suggestions for recipes to try!

We are excited (and amused!) to give you the link to the Vegetarian Group's First article of 2014.... VEGETARIAN FOR A MONTH.

We will be following the progress of an absolutely non vegetarian named Robin who has decided that for January this year he will give up eating meat and fish.
This is going to be interesting...

A big thank you to Paul for writing us a quick and useful guide through a few of his favourite Dairy Alternatives - as he says.... Being vegan has never been easier! Check it out in the Articles Section

We're appealing to you all to get your local information in so we can make this a really useful resource for vegetarians in the local area and you're actually coming through with some stuff! this is good news.... keep it coming....

We're also interested to hear about how you are all starting your year so if you have a  resolution you'd like to share with us please email us and we'll get it on the site!                        


So it may seem a little early but the season of far too much spending, expecting snow and all those promises to get back on the diet after the new year is on it way...   which means that supermarkets are becoming slightly violent than usual and the turkey population will be getting a little nervous.

Luckily for them however we Peterborough Vegetarians and Vegans are holding a Festive Food Share on December 10th for lots of Animal friendly merriment and mince pies!

But wait....there's more....  as an extra to our Seasonal Gathering we are also observing International Animal Rights Day by holding an evening atmospheric Candlelight Vigil outside. 

So if you want to learn more about making Christmas a bit more Animal Friendly or want ti share your  traditional  vegetarian dish with the group please come along and bring a friend!

Here's a useful site where you can even book your place! 

Every year, hundreds of businesses, organisations, schools, community groups and individuals take part in National Vegetarian Once again, the Vegetarian Society is giving a special Local Hero Award to those they think have made an exceptional effort to celebrate the Week. The winners receive a special trophy and the right to boast about their brilliant achievement! 
and guess what?! 

Dogsthorpe Junior School have been selected as the winner of the Vegetarian Society's National Vegetarian Week Local Hero Award in the School category!


This year’s Local Hero Award committee was impressed with the way both staff and students at Dogsthorpe Junior School embraced National Vegetarian Week. Everyone used the Week to learn more about delicious vegetarian food – and nutrition in general, and the activities planned got the Dogsthorpe community thinking about what they eat on a day-to-day basis. And they had fun at the same time! 

That is what National Vegetarian Week is all about after all...


Thank you to all who took part in the National Vegetarian Week Celebrations this year -  we celebrated our 1st birthday in style with the start of the Green festival in town!

We held an information stand with lots of good advice and resources for anyone to take and we sold lots of vegan cupcakes!

But isn't  it interesting that many of the people who were buying our cakes were doing so, not because they were vegan, but because they were dairy intolerant, or allergic to egg -  It seems that vegan options on restaurant menus may not only be wished for by the vegetarian and vegan community of Peterborough....

Also, for anyone interested, the recipe used for the cakes is in the dessert section of this website :)

The Weeks information table on display at the city hospital was also a GREAT success with resources having to be repeatedly replenished.... lets hope that this means we see some new faces in the June Food Share gathering :)

An other big thank you to DOGSTHORPE JUNIOR SCHOOL for celebrating the Week with us by getting not only the students involved with cookery classes vegetarian school dinners and a food diary, but the teachers too with a wonderful shared vegetarian lunch!

Please keep your eye out of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph Newspaper for a lovely write up of their events!

MAY 2013 GATHERING: What a lovely evening! Thanks as always to those who joined us this month; we had much to share with a couple of new faces and a couple of new dishes too.

Keep your eyes on the recipes page for some new treats that will be coming your way soon.  This also goes for the information page if you're interested in what we talked about this month too.

Our next meeting in June 11th - so make sure you get yourselves down to the PECT Building for an enjoyable evening.



Dogsthorpe Junior School are holding a VEGETARIAN CHALLENGE for their students - Children taking part will get a  food diary to fill out and will take part in a vegetarian cookery lesson to learn how to make some exciting new meals! Even the staff are celebrating - they're having a vegetarian shared lunch

Peterborough City Hospital are also hosting a vegetarian information stand to promote the benefits of healthier eating!
Lets hope lots of people find THIS useful!

The Peterborough Vegetarian Group are also  running a stand at the GREEN Festival on May 26th in town!

So as you may already know

May 20th - 26th is National Vegetarian Week and to celebrate, we have a few goodies up our sleeve.... 
(but not literally as this would involve squashing perfectly good cake)

The Peterborough Environmental City Trust holds an annual GREEN FESTIVAL which usually promises to host lots and lots of exciting events

We have snuck in amongst all the goings on and are holding a VEGETARIAN GROUP INFORMATION STAND on the Saturday on NVW which just to happens to coincide with the beginning of the Green festival :) How handy!

We will be giving flyers, interviewing people to find out what they think of Vegetarian Peterborough and most importantly of all

We will be opposite the Vistor Information Centre in Peterborough Town Centre from 10 - 4 Saturday 25th May

So if you fancy finding out a bit more about us, or like the sound of the Green Festival goings on.... or just like cake then COME AND SEE US! 

APRIL 2013 GATHERING:  Thank you to all who attended our April Gathering on Tuesday 9th - it was great to see so many new faces as well as the loyal regular faces too!

For those interested in following up some one the conversation topics, there are some useful pages and links on the Events page under the Monthly Gatherings section.

Thank you all who brought food to share with the group also - as always we had some wonderful dishes! A few of this months recipes have been added to the
RECIPES section on this site so do take a look to see if there is anything that catches your eye!


SO. It's NATIONAL VEGETARIAN WEEK SOON! - that mean's its nearly our 1 year Anniversary :D

We met for the first time at the Old Still building in Westgate Arcade Shopping area in the Town Centre.  We ate ALOT of sushi (thank you Lisa) and alot of good food was brought! It was great to see a few children and young people at our first meeting too!

One year on and we've changed venues twice, got ourselves a FACEBOOK Page and Group, got a TWITTER too and now a website. We've sold cakes for charity and met regularly each month - 

I'd say we're on the ups...

We've also gained a lot of friends and followers too and without them it wouldn't really be possible to do all this, so THANK YOU to everyone who supports us!