This section of the website is for Reviews, Shopping suggestions and useful information about Local Places to Eat, Drink and Shop for Vegetarian or Vegan Supplies. 

This is the one part of the website that truly relies on all you local Peterborough Vegetarians and Vegans to let us know the best places to go.

So please email us if you think somewhere in Peterborough or the surrounding area deserves a mention for one reason or another. 

Here are a few ideas to help you out!

  • We are looking for the best Restaurants, cafes, bars, etc to EAT and DRINK
  • We want to know which VEGETARIAN PRODUCTS you're using and why?
  • We are looking for the best places to buy vegetarian MAKE-UP and COSMETICS
  • We are looking for places to BUY vegetarian and vegan friendly products
  • We are looking for all the places you guys HANG OUT and the reasons for it! 
  • Also have a think about whether there are any local businesses that have really helped you out as a Vegetarian... a local Grocers for example that has a great variety, or a particularly thoughtful shop owner who has listened to your suggestions etc.

We want to know! The more information we have, the more we can share with others!