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This recipe was provided by Paul B, he think that making your own soya milk is very easy as long as you aren't tempted by the many different types of soya and dairy free milks at the supermarket!


1 Cup of Dried Soya Beans
lots of water!


Paul: I have tried to make my own soya milk before, with much success! This is very easy but you need to remember to make it in advance.

1. Soak a cup of dried soya beans for eight hours in two cups of water.

2. Pour the beans and the soaking water into a blender. Add another four or so cups of water. Blend until smooth.

3. Pure the mixture into a cheese cloth or muslin and squeeze all the juice into a pot.

4. Pop the soya bean pulp back into the blender with another three cups of water and blitz again.

5. Squeeze out more juice.

6. Blend mixture again with another two cups of water and squeeze out the juice again.

7. You now have raw soya milk. Bring it to the boil in a saucepan and boil for two or three minutes.

8. Add sugar, fruit, or fruit juice to sweeten – or to taste. Leave to cool.

And that's it! I use the left over soya bea
n pulp in a stew too! Enjoy.