Below are a few links to pages that we have found useful in the past, whether it be for recipes, shop details or just some good old information. 
The idea that there's an entire internet full of new ideas is quite an exciting one
 (even if we do sometimes have to remind ourselves of this when we're tired and need to cook!)

Please let us know if you have any links you'd like us to share! 

Firstly - we try to celebrate NATIONAL VEGETARIAN WEEK every year in May so click the picture below to check out some new ideas!


Parsley Soup - a sweet little website with some excellent and simple recipes 

Chocolate Covered Katie - if you love chocolate but feel guilty when you're not eating healthily, then this is the site for you!

Fat Free Vegan Blog - an interesting blog with some good looking recipes on it.

Pressure Cooker Pros - some useful information about dairy and egg free cooking


Veggie Wines - This is an extremely useful website for information about what drinks are vegetarian and vegan. Its not just wine either - it had information about beer, spirits, soft drinks, ciders, etc

Cambridge Vegetarians - Fairly self explanatory here; currently not active but still has some very useful info left on it.

Vegetarian Society UK - a much more useful website this this one! 

Vegetarian Kids Website - lots of excellent info and kid friendly!