Day 12 of Vegetarian January

posted Jan 18, 2014, 5:03 AM by Rose Croft
Weekend has been good this time for vegetairan Robin!  I would have killed fora sausage sndwich on Saturday for breakfast... but in stead i sated myself  with pancakes with maple syrup. very commendable breakfast!

I had cheese and onion pasty for lunch and although today I am still craving sausages a bit (my friends eating burgers in front of me getting my testosterone and saliva glands flowing didn't seem to help funnily)  today's tea as easy... PIZZA from dominoes with sweetcorn, potato wedges.  Yes its take out food, but this proves that takeaway is not particularly different as a vegetarian.

So although my wil power was tested today I held strong and make it though quite easily. This vegetairan thing really isn't that difficult.